We are serious about being quick to serve you. Visit us today to see how we've blended gourmet food with fast service. Customers order at the counter. A Menu Board shows our choices; chalkboards highlight our weekly specials and tons of great beverage choices. Don't have time to stop in and dine? Order Carry-Out or Delivery Service.



Order at the counter; we'll deliver your food to your table. Want an extra condiment? Help yourself to the self-serve station in the dining room. Finished? Feel free to leave; we'll get the dishes.


Carry out

Call or stop in; we'll get your To Go order quickly. The whole menu is available- don't forget dessert! [Coming Soon!! We have two 15-minute parking spots located outside the front door for your convenience.]





Frenchie Fresh can be delivered to your door using OrderUp or other Delivery Services. Click the link below to start your online order. A service will pick it up and deliver it to your address. How easy was that?